Anadrol 50 isis

If you’re looking for a fast acting powerful steroid that will promote unimaginable mass, you’ve come to the right place, because it is Anadrol 50 we want to discuss today. Brought to the market by Syntex Pharmaceuticals, Anadrol 50 was designed to treat muscle wasting diseases; simply put, it was designed to promote the growth of muscle tissue, and that is exactly why it’s so popular in many performance based circles. As muscle growth is this steroid’s primary trait, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most use it during mass gaining phases; however, as we’ll see it can serve a welcomed purpose in a cutting cycle. Did we mention Anadrol 50 is also a powerful strength increasing steroid; without question, this steroid will see your strength reach new levels. You better believe it; this is one powerfully exciting anabolic steroid, so let’s dive in and see what we can find.

Hi guys just been to see one of the lads today but not at the usual spot the gym he is in hospital on dialisis,hes weak,body as yellow as the sun and he looks ill as f**k spoke to him he has been on a cycle of test,tren and adrol is his first cycle,he is not a member of this forum but took some advice from some dumb-ass on another to up his adrol from 50mg ed to 150mg has been doing it for 9 days now his liver is shagged and he is in a bad way so just to warn people about doing juice if you dont know what your doing do your RESEARCH listen to everyone's comments do more research and dont be afraid to ask questions that may sound stupid the people with experiance know what there talking about and are here to help,remeber if in doubt give us a shout (LESS IS MORE) Get well soon brookie

Anadrol 50 isis

anadrol 50 isis


anadrol 50 isisanadrol 50 isisanadrol 50 isisanadrol 50 isisanadrol 50 isis