Anavar make you tired

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You need to stack test with that anavar bro. Even though it is a mild steroid compared to other compounds, it is still going to shut down your natty test and your going to feel like shit soon, not be able to use your dick, and wont make the gains your hoping for. Stop taking the var by itself for now, its only been 3 days so that wont hurt you to stop now, Go buy 2 bottles of test e or cyp and run that at 500mg a week for 10-12 weeks. You also need PCT shit. HCG novla and clomid. Add the var for the last 6-8 weeks of tyhe cycle. Id wait bro, do your research, get all the gerar you need before you use it including PCT. If theres one thing people hate here on eroids its oral only cycles so I dont know how much help your going to get, but that is the best advice I can offer.

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Anavar make you tired

anavar make you tired


anavar make you tiredanavar make you tiredanavar make you tiredanavar make you tiredanavar make you tired