Anavar vermodje

Active Life : Approx . 8-12 hours
Suggested Use: 20-50mg/zi
Acne : NO
Water retained : NO
High Voltage : NO
Liver toxicity : Only in high doses
DHT Conversion : Low
Flavouring : NO
Own inhibition test : No, even in high doses

Oxandrolon ( analogue - Anavar ) - an interesting preparation that athletes deserve attention . The main mechanism of action of preparation - is more active creatine synthesis - phosphate in muscle cells , unrestrained , at the same time , fluid in the body . Timely evacuation of fluid from the body , so evident Result : muscles become tough and elastic , at the same time there is no increase in body mass. This is especially important in the preparation of competition , when it is important to keep muscle tone and at the same time , to keep body weight constant .
Since the preparation is added that any dose admininstrata , it does not cause aromatization ( conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the body ). Moreover , admininstrarea Oxandrolonului not influence the development of the body 's own testosterone .
Oxandrolon not influence the secretion of hypothalamic - pituitary luteinizing hormone , therefore its not decrease testosterone .
Unlike other preparations , Oxandrolonul not cause gynecomastia ( breast gland enlargement ) and increase blood pressure .

Anavar vermodje

anavar vermodje


anavar vermodjeanavar vermodjeanavar vermodjeanavar vermodjeanavar vermodje