Nap 50 duoc bao nhieu cash

( The very rare M2 stamps and never found with CDS on that stamp ,  destination Quan tre, Military School/Training Academy “Quan Trung” , please comment the TRAN TANG HOA M2 ,the illustration as the cover of the Book Vietnam war 1 with M1 cover , please comment after read the letter inside the cover below for more information. I have seen the Fake cover of M2 stamps , report by IMNAHA. I am very happy to showed this rare postal historry with anothe M3 and Vietnam map cover , ICCS cover, if I the US Indochina phillatelic association send the invitaion to show this two  at their annual exhebation  because very difficult to get the US visa this time , please comment-auth)

 I have found the same Hankong cover but with added stamp 2x 1 dong  but without Quan Buu stamped, date not clear, only red KBC 3119 stamped, send from Dai Doi 83/8 ND-written above cover “Co Quoc Danh Du Traca Nhiem “  KBC 3119 Airborne 8th Battalion saigon  to Tan Dinh(?) with “The rolling & clear type Small Quan Buu clear new CDS”   (the first military covers send to civillian the military postal rate 2 Dong,  – the first report of this type rolling Quan Buu cds ,  this military Quan Buu new postmark were the earliest used because in november 1970 still used the old not clear Quan Buu post mark. If the old quan Buu postmark used after december 1970, the cover was bogus or fake cover  -auth)

Nap 50 duoc bao nhieu cash

nap 50 duoc bao nhieu cash


nap 50 duoc bao nhieu cashnap 50 duoc bao nhieu cash