Nova apteka anavar-10

I didnt get "trenrage" really from this, i was expecting it to be more "violent" kick in-which is not the best because u quickly burn out after 1 exercise. But it was more of a constant energy. Aggression was still there but just not THAT much which for me is a good thing. On my high volume days i would kind of get lost into a 2hour workout, it was great. Also random things would get me horny when i took this haha. I recomend this product to anyone, especially becauseit can be used for strength and bodybuild. OVERALL i give this a 9/10. Thank you swole

Products amazing, point blank definitely recommend this source. Basically no pip when i pin the first time i injected AT's products i caught a test flu for about a week but thats not a problem, that tells me the product is good. Test does what its supposed to do, put on some good size and lifting went up, as well as aggression and confidence, deca was amazing filled out and got nice and thick, lubed up joints and lifting was a easier, tren was intense for me im not too much of a tren guy because i get crazy thoughts and get anxious but hey, thats just me personally. aggression thru the roof on tren, wanted to slap the life out of a guy at the supermarket the other day for the dumbest reason lol. night sweats and weird dreams, vascularity prominent. altho i usually prefer to have the filled out puffy look, i know lol weird. viagra is intense, the lady always dies when i take it haha, altho i get some weird heartburn from it i dont know if thats the flavoring or what, its probably just me. but definitey gets the job done for sure. anyways, all great products love anabolic titan! :)

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Nova apteka anavar-10

nova apteka anavar-10