Oxymetholone co to jest

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are in a more broad class of compounds known as anti- sub-group of anti-estrogen categories include aromatase inhibitors, antiestrogens (AIS) such as anastrozole, exemestane, and anastrozol.
Substances from category SERM serve to block the action of estrogen receptors in the mammary occupy estrogen receptors in place of estrogen and estrogen alone will be unable to exercise its also operate in other tissues in the body (such as tamoxifen in the liver). Substances from  category SERM don't reduce the levels of circulating estrogen in the blood plasma (aromatase inhibitors serve this purpose). Although clomifene is a very close relative of the   tamoxifen, in fact it is much less efficient compared with is, it is a weaker estrogen blocker in mammary tissue where tamoxifen is much more suitable for the phenethyl acts as an estrogen antagonist in the hypothalamus, pituitary ovaries, endometrium, vagina and is, in those tissues and body regions, Clomifene serves to reducte (or completely block the inhibition) of action of estrogens. For both men and women, its estrogen antagonistic effect on the hypothalamus triggers the release of LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulus hormone).These two hormones in men
are signaling hormones on the testes, which then start producing or increasing testosterone and   tamoxifen may be considered as estrogen, which acts as a "fake" estrogen in   certain areas of the body, such as breast blocking the effects of "real'' estrogen, while in   other tissues is active real estrogen.

Oxymetholone co to jest

oxymetholone co to jest


oxymetholone co to jestoxymetholone co to jest