Oxymetholone ih 50 mg iran hormones

i realize that ur post is from 2 months ago, but in case you were still wondering... i started off with 25mg two times for the first week. My appetite was aggressive. you know that intense feeling when your large intestines are full and you have to get to a toilet fast while your fighting to hold the waste in.. well, the appetite is emotionally similar, i wanted to eat really bad and i didnt care if it was mc'd's .. however i am disciplined and so i didnt eat the shit, but the attitude of "i dont care what it is, i will eat it!!," was def. there. For week 2 and currently, ive been dosing with 50mgs two times daily. I no longer have the same intense urge to get to a meal fast. i still put down some food, no doubt, but that feeling in the gut for food is not there. it was gone on day one of the 50mgs two times daily. i havent noticed any dif. in size progression with the upped dose, its still progressing at the same rate if not a little more with the increased dose, but i think there could be something to do with the difference i feel with the 50 two times daily vs the 25 two times daily. its something to look into. well that is my experience with this thus far. love it.

In extremely rare cases, the use of this drug has led to the development of liver cancer, leukemia and even death of athletes. However, such cases are extremely rare, that is on a par with the powerful growth forces of the same growth and muscle mass. Average growth is 5-7 kg in 2 weeks. In addition, this steroid promotes water retention in muscle cells, making muscles even more massive and bloated. In addition, the accumulated liquid has a positive effect on the joints, therefore the increase of working weights and increase your training intensity will not affect the health of bones and ligaments.

Oxymetholone ih 50 mg iran hormones

oxymetholone ih 50 mg iran hormones


oxymetholone ih 50 mg iran hormonesoxymetholone ih 50 mg iran hormonesoxymetholone ih 50 mg iran hormonesoxymetholone ih 50 mg iran hormonesoxymetholone ih 50 mg iran hormones