Primo e cycle

Regardless of the phase of training, bulking, cutting or athletic performance, a Primobolan cycle can greatly benefit any woman. Women are far more sensitive to the hormone than men, which could make it an excellent steroid for the promotion of mass in the off-season. Will enormous amounts of mass be gained? Maybe not, but many women aren’t looking for enormous gains and as they generally have smaller frames even moderate increases in mass can make a notable difference. While useful in the off-season, a cutting Primobolan cycle will perhaps be the most beneficial point of use. This steroid is often used at the frontend to mid-point of a cutting plan. Some may use it all the way to the end but some will want to rely on other compounds towards the back of a cutting cycle, especially in competition cases. However, in the end it will all be determined on how you respond to varying compounds, and we cannot make a prediction on how your response will be. As for athletic performance, a Primobolan cycle will normally be Primobolan and nothing else for short burst of 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off repeating as much as necessary. Simple, concise and highly effective.

For those wishing a mild steroid cycle, perhaps the best performance-enhancing drug to combine with Primobolan is not another anabolic steroid directly, but HCG at doses totalling approximately 1500 IU/week. This may be taken as, for example, 200 IU daily, 400 IU every other day, or 500 IU three times per week. This typically yields high-normal testosterone levels and maintains normal estrogen levels, aiding the effectiveness of Primobolan with relatively little added androgenic side effects. Such usage may be counted as comparable to injecting 100 mg/week testosterone, and so for example 500 mg/week Primobolan use combined with this amount of HCG may be considered comparable to 600 mg/week total usage of anabolic steroids .

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Primo e cycle

primo e cycle


primo e cycleprimo e cycleprimo e cycleprimo e cycleprimo e cycle